A group of Expats to find a furry friend for life. To give the stray, abandoned and unwanted dogs and cats of Kusadasi and surrounding areas a loving home.

Animal that is in need of a forever home. The more eyes that see, the more chance of a happy ending.

The purpose of the group is not only help get the dogs out from the shelter and in to loving homes, but also to look after the street animals. So we have adopted the 3 F’s as part of the group set up. This will be known as: FIX, FEED, FREE

Fix….. Any medical attention needed will be given to an animal as long as it is required. ( eg traffic accident, mange, cat flu, ect )

We also aim to capture as many street cats as possible,who then will be neutered by a vet and after follow up care returned back to where they were picked up. This along side the similar operation run by Gossips will hopefully decrease the number of kittens being born.

Feed… (Self explanatory ) to feed and provide the essential care as long as it required.

Free… Unfortunately not all animals that we take in will be rehomed. Those who are deemed ‘unhomable ‘ will be returned back to a familiar safe place when well on the road to recovery.

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