In Aydın, which the famous traveler Evliya Çelebi describes as ‘the most beautiful earth under the sky’, the winter scenery experienced in the mountains fascinates those who see the autumn scenery in the plains. Many people spent their weekends in the mountains to view the beauty and, many postcard-like views were reflected on their cameras in this way.

Aydın, which creates colorful images with its magnificent nature after the trees shed their leaves, began to offer a visual feast.

The colorful images formed in the regions consisting of Büyük Menderes Plain, Aydın Mountains and Beşparmak Mountains offer different beauties together. Especially the chestnut forests in Ovacık Plateau, the Başçayır Bridge and the ancient cities in Didim gained a completely different appearance with the winter season.

Stating that every region of Aydın is beautiful enough for a photo safari, Nature Photographer Yücel Sevingül stated that they do photo safaris in different regions every week and said: “Aydın is beautiful in every season. We shoot in a different region every week to promote our city. “Those who want to live in touch with nature and see the riot of colors go on photo safaris in groups,” he said.

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