Turkey made it mandatory for pet owners to fit animals with microchip implants under a new regulation scheduled to come into force in 2021.

Implants will enable authorities to trace changes in the ownership of pets as well as their births and deaths. Dog owners are obliged to install the implants starting from 2021, and cat owners are mandated to fit their pets with implants starting from 2022. Microchip implants will also be used to track vaccinations for animals.

Pet owners are also required to have a document showing the changing ownership of pets if they sell or donate them. Those adopting animals from shelters for stray animals will also be given official documents showing that they adopted the animal. In case of a pet’s death or disappearance, owners are obliged to notify authorities within 60 days.

The regulation also aims to prevent adoption of missing pets cared in shelters. If the original owner of a missing animal is detected – thanks to the implants – the owner will be notified by authorities.

Turkish authorities are also working on a new set of regulations that will bring jail terms for those charged with animal torture. Currently, crimes against animals are punishable by fines.

Source:  Daily Sabah

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