Examinations have started after amateur fishermen caught piranhas in the Kizilirmak River for the third time in the last 20 days.

Three separate amateur fishermen caught piranhas, which are indigenous to the Amazon basin, in Kizilirmak, running through the city centre of the Central Anatolian province of Sivas.

The situation put authorities from the provincial food and agriculture directorate and academics from the city’s Cumhuriyet University on alert, with the launch of an examination to find out the reason behind the exotic fishes appearing in the waters.

The first fisherman to catch a piranha, Osman Asamaka, said he caught the fish while fishing under the city’s railway bridge by the river.

Asamaka said he caught a piranha for the first time in his life and after catching the fish, he grilled and ate it.

Another amateur fisherman, Muzaffer Metinoglu, also said he caught piranhas three days ago in the same river while he was fishing with a net, as well as two other fishermen, Suleyman Gulecyuz and Kursat Simsek, catching the same kind of fish 16 days ago when they were anchoring.

It is assumed that somebody who fed the piranhas in an aquarium might have thrown the fishes into the river.

Source:  Daily Hurriyet

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