A holiday is something we all look forward to and often save our pennies to afford.

The flight there and the plastic-tasting plane food is often the nightmare before sipping sweet beverages by the blissful blue beach.

The next time you are on a flight, consider the following six amusing facts to kill time while you get there. Pilots get served separate meals in case one makes them sick:

You can be sure the pilot flying your plane is not eating from the same menu.They not only get served a different meal from you, but they also eat a different meal from the co-pilot. This is in case one gets food poisoning. It’s your captain speaking: Ever wondered who the authority on the airplane is? It’s your captain. He has sky-high authority to arrest people, write fines, and even take the will of a dying passenger. His authority is limitless when the doors are closed. Fifteen minutes of fame air: There is roughly 15 minutes worth of air in the oxygen mask from the moment you pull it down. This, however, is sufficient for a good pilot to lower the altitude of the plane to a point where you can breathe normally.

People steal the life jacket: Often we like to buy souvenirs from places we’ve been. An airplane should not be one of them. Though it is a punishable act, inconsiderate people take the life vests that are located under the seat as souvenirs. While air staff does a thorough check every day, a plane can do many trips throughout the day with a missing life vest before the inspection is conducted again.


Source Daily Sabah

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