RAMADAN is a period of abstinence observed by Muslims worldwide, commemorating the first revelation of the Koran to Mohammed. Ramadan falls on the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, It is actually known as Ramazan in Turkey, but when does Ramadan take place this year?


The date of Ramadan’s start traditionally falls according to astronomical charts, and this year the start will be on Wednesday, May 16.

The period of fasting will then last for 30 days, until Thursday, June 14.

During this period, Muslims are allowed one meal before sunrise, named the suhoor, and another just after sunset named the iftar.

June 14 marks the final day of Ramadan before the next month in the Islamic calendar, Shawwal, which marks the celebration of Eid.

Workers have the choice to abstain, offering money to charities instead as a penance for not completing the fast. However most will attempt to fast,  because they have done it every year since  the transformation from a boy to a man, or a girl to a woman. The ability to undergo this test of strength is firmly ingrained into their characters and lifestyle.

Why do Ramadan dates change every year?

The Gregorian calendar used by the Western world relies solely on the movement of the sun, but the Islamic calendar uses the cycle of the moon.This means the Islamic calendar doesn’t quite align, so every year Ramadan is pushed back by 11 days.By 2020, Ramadan is expected to fall in April, by March it will be 2023, and in 2026 the celebration will be in February.


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