The road to a plastic-free world is a challenging one. It is not easy to change all your consumption habits in one day. However, recycling your plastic waste and any other garbage made of petroleum is a good place to start.

To encourage people in the Thracian city of Kirklareli, the governorate has initiated a one-of-a-kind project. In the 39 villages of the Demirkoy and Vize districts, villagers who separate their garbage for recycling get extra credit on cards distributed by the governorate and can spend the credits at the local grocery store. For instance, if the villagers recycle 5 kilograms of plastic, they get to buy a pack of pasta or two bottles of mineral water. Kirklareli governor Osman Bilgin said the project would serve the local economy and the country. He added that the project will start to be carried out in five months with a fund worth 430,000 euros ($471,735).

“We will distribute the cards that carry the name of the villagers. The credit the villagers receive for recycling will be added to these cards. We will be able to encourage recycling while helping villagers earn money for their efforts. This is a project which will be an example for Turkey,” said Bilgin.

Source:  Daily Sabah

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