A special reproduction station established in 1991 in the Central Anatolian province of Yozgat’s Akdagmadeni district has seen a rise seen in the population of red deer.

Yozgat Natural Protection and National Parks Director Cihan Egilmez said the Forestry and Water Affairs Ministry had established reproduction stations in various regions for the for red deer to reproduce.

He said three male and two female red deer were placed in a 5.5-hectare station in 1991, adding their population had jumped to 15 by the time they were released to their natural habitat in 2008. Egilmez said that “two had died and the number had fallen to 13, however, others survived and their numbers increased to 18 with new babies.

We observed that the red deer do not have a problem finding food in the Akdagmadeni forests and they continue reproducing,” he said, adding “they have, however, left food for the deer during harsh winter days”.




Source:  Hurriyet

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