Istanbul may be far removed from the rainy Manchester of English songwriter Stephen Patrick Morrissey’s youth.

The Queen of Cities has made an unexpected appearance on the former Smiths frontman’s new album ‘World Peace Is None of Your Business.’ The 54-year-old singer released a new single called ‘Istanbul’ and a spoken-word video for the song on Tuesday.

The track, about a father’s search for a lost son on Istanbul’s streets, is the first single from his new album which will be out on July 15.The British legend, famous for provoking controversy in 1980s England with songs such as ‘Meat Is Murder’ and ‘The Queen Is Dead’ previously took to the stage in Istanbul in 2012.

In a question-and-answer session with fans on the True To You website in January, Morrissey hinted that his next release would have a track called “Istanbul.’

He was quoted as saying: “It is second to Rome as my most favorite city in the world. When I’m in Istanbul, I feel as if I could never die.”



Source Turkish Press

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