A car capable of rolling over to make passengers experience how helpless they feel in a car crash without a seatbelt.

What is it like to experience a road accident when you are not wearing a seatbelt? Volunteers in three Turkish cities, Antalya, Ankara and Afyon are getting first hand experience. A car simulating the impact of a crash is available for volunteers brave enough to see what it feels like to be thrown around in a car.



More than 10,000 people die on the roads every year in Turkey. In an effort to raise awareness, the three cities’ councils have engineered a car capable of rolling over. This rolling car strapped to the back of a flat bed truck will be touring other cities in Turkey. The road safety project is overseen by the World HealthOrganisation (WHO).

Sakir Erdogan, a primary school teacher in Adana, stepped forward to try out the car at five kilometres an hour. He noticed the difference between his experience with a seatbelt and without a seatbelt.

“Without the seatbelt, even though I was trying to cling to every part of the inside clinging I could not help colliding, but with a seatbelt did not feel anything” he said.


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