A Bafra-breed sheep gave birth to sextuplets in northern Turkey, according to General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises on Thursday.

Another two sheep of the same breed also gave birth to quintuplets in the same agricultural enterprise located in Amasya province.

Noting that the birth of sextuplets is rarely seen, Zeki Bulut, a veterinary technician, said that the newly-born lambs are being persistently monitored and fed with bottles.

“All of quintuplets and sextuplets this year are alive, we have not experienced any losses,” Bulut said.

He said during every delivery season, approximately 60-70 percent of sheep deliver twins and around 10 percent are triplets.

Bulut also said that every year, although rarely, sheep give birth to quintuplets and sextuplets.

Source:  www.yenisafak.com/en/news

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