One thing that unites all happy members of our international residents’ community is that at some point in our lives we had to make a decision of enormous proportions.

At stake a number of crucial questions that need careful consideration: when relocating to our new homes would we arrange for each and every item of our household including furniture and white goods to be shipped or alternatively, would we leave everything behind and start a-new, or last not least would we perhaps opt for a third way approach?

Since my family did that very costly exercise twice – that is, one time moving to Europe and another time returning to Turkey – one might estimate that with all required modesty we would have a thing or two to say about what makes good moving day sense.

Let us start by stating the obvious: arriving in a foreign country and above all else in an empty flat or house is most definitely somewhat depressing. Solution: pack a few personal items you are emotionally attached to such as pictures, books, clothes or any other smaller and easily to be transported memorabilia. It does the trick, at least temporarily.

Yet we still miss the big stuff to call a home a home – and this is where the trouble kicks in. Having studied shipping and relocation company’s price offers one wonders whether moving makes any sense in the first place… however, assuming that we are still not put off for good and continue planning for the big moment we nevertheless continue to need a good sized pocket calculator to account for all the numbers before the comma…

Our private verdict and as surprising as it may sound: moving from Turkey to Europe should be done inclusive of whatever you call yours no matter how big or small an item whilst moving from Europe to Turkey should ideally be completed with just a few suitcases.

This is first and foremost based on two facts. On the one hand buying household furniture as well as white goods is much more affordable in Turkey when compared with most (northern) European countries. Second and on the other hand, the quality of what you get for your hard earned cash is so much better when you make a price-quality ratio comparison. In a nutshell: more affordable and better quality.

On to logistics: roughly speaking everything costs half price here in Turkey and we are talking about top end products, for example beds, carpets, kitchens or living room furniture. Assuming that we find a place (or family member) to store or permanently give our belongings to in the city from where we originally hail from we could indeed attempt the above introduced ‘moving with suitcases’ – scenario. We would then have enough funds to invest into whatever we desire upon arrival or in the world of online shopping actually pre-order it should that become an option and start our so rewarding life as an expatriate under the southern Aegean sun.

Advantages are a-plenty: we can depart from our former home at rather short notice, we can travel hassle-free up until Kusadasi or our nearby final destination and we are still not breaking the bank. Once over here we are starting to settle in with the clear knowledge of that soon our new apartment or home will look the expatriate part, too.

Perhaps with the exception of some expensive foreign brand electronic goods such as smartphones or computers we realized that a) goods manufactured or made in Turkey are top quality and b) very affordable. Oh yes indeed, let us not forget the c): customer service relations in Turkey are state of the art and that includes finding a plumber at midnight or a handyman on a Sunday or someone else who would erect your new wardrobe should you have bought it neatly folded so to speak and are not necessarily a DIY champion.

One word of advice though: you may want to shop around before committing yourself unless the online option detailed earlier on in this article is what suits you best. There are of course not only price variations between different shops but related quality issues as well. Whilst it is correct to say that in principle everything we bought here works perfectly well some lesser known brands or vendors would not automatically fit the bill (pun intended). Hence take your time before you invest; in other words, invest your shopper’s time first.

Our Turkish neighbors love to entertain in a big living room or salon and in warmer climes of course on a terrace or balcony hence you may find that the distribution of floor space is somewhat different from what we were used to as other rooms might be smaller than expected. On average however we would talk about a three bedroom flat and that does not mean that the living room is counted as one of them but comes in extra. Their love for good furniture which impresses guests is thus understandable and makes finding such items quite easy.

Why did I not mention the third way in more detail hinted at in the introductory paragraphs? Out of experience, hiring a company only makes sense if you really bring along quite some cubic meters of belongings as very often the collection and end delivery is charged at a fixed price regardless of size whilst only the actual lorry or container is charged according to total weight. Thus written, sending over one kitchen table and one bed does not make any family budget sense at all.

Decisions, decisions, and more decisions – every moving person is an individual with different tastes and preferences yet is it not correct to say that what we all are only too aware of is that money does not grow on (relocation) trees?

If you are here already enjoy the splendid October sun; if you are thinking of moving you might perhaps have found some of the suggestions in this article helpful.

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