Forestry and Water Affairs Minister Veysel Eroğlu has appealed to “his citizens” for mercy for stray animals, adding that the ministry has been doing its best to protect animals.

“We shouldn’t forget our friends. A cup of water, a piece of food saves an animal’s life. In this boiling hot weather, our friends who live in the street need water and food as much as we do. We have to be sensitive on this subject,” Eroğlu said in a written statement released on July 4.

“We see them as our friends. In the past, our ancestors used to put water cups in parks and gardens. We need to maintain this tradition,” the minister said, adding that meeting the water needs of stray animals was “a duty for everybody.”

“If everybody puts a cup of water in front of their doors, our friends can recover from being thirsty. If possible, they can also put some food so as to fulfill their nutritional needs,” he said.

“As the ministry, we are doing our best to protect animals. We believe we can move forward with the contribution of our citizens. Protecting animals is a humanitarian responsibility, as well as an important duty to preserve biological diversity of our country,” Eroğlu added.


Source Hurriyet

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