A businessman from Sivas province, who is an industrial producer for funeral services, exports air-conditioned coffins and crematoriums to 42 countries.

In addition to air-conditioned coffins and crematoriums, the company also produces and exports funeral vehicles, cadaver tanks and single and multiple-capacity morgues. Receiving orders also from within the country, the company is having difficulties meeting demand from overseas.

Coffin export to 42 countries

The owner of the company, Volkan Korkmaz, gave information about the business and domestic and international orders: “For now, we export air-conditioned coffins to 42 countries. Middle Eastern countries make the most orders, but we also export coffins to European countries. The three countries we have the business from are Austria, the Netherlands and Germany. In the past, our sales used to differ according to the season. The rate of sales used to decrease in winters. However, as the need for morgues hasn’t changed in recent years, there are no more changes in air-conditioned coffin sales according to season. We also produce cadaver tanks and crematoriums in addition to single- and multiple-capacity morgues.”

3 million people want to be cremated

Korkmaz said that as the only crematorium producer in Turkey, they are one of five companies in the world in the crematorium sector. There are 3 million people in Turkey who want to be cremated after death. According to Korkmaz, they have received 3 million orders for cremation so far. Korkmaz also said that they are fifth in the world in cadaver tank and crematorium sales. Also producing funeral transfer vehicle and bullet resistant container hospitals, Korkmaz spoke of the huge demand for cremations in Turkey.

“Crematoriums are a furnace in which dead bodies are burned down to the bones. To be able to use a crematorium in Turkey, those who demanded the service gathered about 3 million signatures. Non-Muslims and atheist associations in the country also have such demands,” Korkmaz said.

Source:  Daily Sabah

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