Located on the foothills of Zigana Mountain, Limni Lake Natural Park is covered with snow this time of year, offering weekend vacationers a great chance to enjoy the beautiful winter scenery.

Lake Limni was registered as an “A type picnic area” by the Ministry of Forest and Water Affairs in 2004.

Situated in Gumushane’s Torul district 45 kilometers away from the city center, the area is full of yellow pine and spruce trees.

Surrounding Lake Limni is an area known as Crater Lake. There the snow has reached a depth of up to 50 centimeters this year.

A visitor from Trabzon, Fatih Turan spoke to Anadolu Agency (AA) about the lake. He said he preferred Lake Limni as a weekend getaway because of the sheer beauty of the snow.

Turan said that he visits the lake often in summer and that this year he wanted to experience the same beauty in the winter.

“Limni is definitely a natural wonder. Everyone must witness this beauty. The weather is sunny just 30 kilometers below the lake and there is no snow there. However, here you can enjoy the snow and ice. The spot offers a fantastic opportunity to witness the nature at its finest,” he said.

Ski resort ready to host winter vacationers at Zigana

Winter preparations are completed at the Gumuskayak Facility, which is set for its grand opening. With the snow depth recorded at over 50 centimeters, many skiers and snowboarders are expected to come to Zigana Mountain from nearby cities to enjoy the fresh powder with their families.

Source:  Daily Sabah

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