A local municipality in Ankara has installed solar-powered Feed-OMatic and Water-O-Matic machines for stray animals in an effort to set an example for alternative uses for renewable energy.
The municipality is hoping to set an example for utilizing renewable energy across Turkey. The Directorate of Health Services in Çubuk Municipality placed the automated water pans and feeding machines in areas outside the city center where there are many stray and wild animals. The animal feed is stored in solar-powered bunkers that allow feed to pour down to containers when approached by an animal. Stray animals will also be able to drink water from the automated water pans. “The machine operates with photocell systems, an accumulator and via computer programs.
It works with a timer that can be adjusted to any time slot,” explained Düzginar Kocapehlivan, the production manager of Denge Veterinary. “You can put any amount of feed you wish and supply water to animals. We have 50 machines now in Turkey, yet we wish to increase the number. Animals and humans will both benefit from it. Especially in areas where stray animals disturb people out of hunger, we believe the machines will be highly effective to prevent the discomfort created by the animals. It also serves to gather street animals in designated areas.”
Mehmet Akif Topçu, the director of health services in Çubuk, said the machines may prevent deaths out of hunger and thirst. He also added that the system in a way rehabilitates animals. Topçu noted the municipality put out food and water before this system but the food rotted and poisoned the animals.

“Our local citizens are sensitive about animals and support us in terms of cat and dog food,” said Topçu. “I want to thank to them in advance for their support. It has been two hours since we mounted the machine and we were happy to see 30 dogs coming for food and water even though they have seen it for the first time. We are very pleased so far.”


Daily Sabah

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