The valleys, fairy chimneys, historical abbeys carved into the rock that are now boutique hotels and the colorful flowers in spring have made Cappadocia one of the most important tourism centers in Turkey and is registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Flowers blooming amid the fairy chimneys beautify is a beautiful site for the hundreds of thousands of visitors that come every year.

Tourists ride horses and ATVs, wander around and take photos of Cappadocia’s spring blossoms.

Outside the town of Goreme, horses and donkeys graze in the fields and add to the atmosphere.

Oreads Piek, who came from the Netherlands to visit the region with friends, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that spring in Cappadocia is amazing and she was very much affected by the history and culture.

“I think it is a privilege to visit this place in spring. The view is really beautiful. I saw the fairy chimneys from a hot air balloon. Flowers add a distinctive beauty to Cappadocia. I saw some photos of the place on the internet before.” She said.

South African tourist Mohamed Irshad Essa said that the region has a unique beauty that he has never seen before. “I have been here for three days. I joined many tours, tried a balloon ride and stayed in a rock hotel. It was a different experience for me, and this place is very interesting. The colors of nature are vivid and impressive. I will tell my friends that Cappadocia is a must-see place and recommend it.”

Professional tour guide Soner Menekse said that Cappadocia has different types of beauty in every season, and the region creates a unique view with.

Source:  Daily Sabah

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