New cream vital as cancer fears lead people to apply so much cream that they don’t get enough sun.

Scientists have developed a sunscreen that allows the body to produce vitamin D while still blocking harmful rays. The body’s main source of vitamin D is produced when our skin reacts with sunlight. But skin cancer fears have seen worried parents applying increasing amounts of sunscreen – leading to an estimated 40 per cent of children and 60 per cent of adults becoming deficient in the ‘sunshine vitamin’, which helps keep bones and teeth healthy.

A typical sun lotion with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 reduces the skin’s capacity to produce vitamin D by almost 98 per cent. But the Solar D lotion, developed by an Australian company, allows the body to produce up to 50 per cent more vitamin D than a sunscreen with the same SPF.

Dr Michael Holick, of Boston University School of Medicine, told the journal PLOS ONE: ‘Solar D was designed … with differing filter compositions to maximise pre-vitamin D3 production while maintaining its sun protection.’

The body’s main source of vitamin D is from the skin reacting to sunlight but small amounts can also be found in foods, such as oily fish such as salmon and sardines, cod liver oil, eggs, meat and milk.

An unintended consequence of being safe in the sun was an estimated two fifths of children and three fifths of adults were deficient in the vitamin which keeps bones and teeth healthy.


Source:  Daily Mail

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