When I first met Betty (black dog) she was extremely timid and nervous, cowering and whimpering every time I petted her. 

Slowly she placed her trust in me and 4 years on, she still cowers and whimpers for a few seconds before yelping in delight at being petted.  We have many street dogs who look like Betty, but she is one who eventually thrived, and for three years has made her home on Ladies Beach. 

About two years ago Betty disappeared for a few months and returned dirty and bleeding with a wound on her paw.  Her two brown eyes were filled with pain and suffering and I dread to think of what had happened to her or where she had been.   However, she greeted me with expectation, which is a characteristic of many street dogs – always willing to trust.

Beyaz is not a street dog and belongs to Yeltisn who owns a local market.   Beyaz is very sweet and if she is not on the beach you will find her fast asleep at the market.  If she thinks I have a treat in my pocket she will run up and side swipe me with her paw.  She has not seemed to master the art of giving a paw and she looks very comical with her attention seeking side swipes.

 I have included Beyaz in this story as for a long time she and Betty would be seen together playing every morning on the beach.  Betty would run like a whippet up and down the beach in her attempt to catch a seagull with Beyaz following – though she would give up quickly as she does not have the stamina that Betty has.  During this time Betty has had a good life and Yeltsin would feed her along with his own dog.

This winter Betty has disappeared a few times and arrives back hungry and tired.  I am not sure why she dissapears, but if you are visiting Ladies Beach this summer, please say hello to her and give her a treat if you can.  Beyaz will always be pleased to see anyone who has a treat and you will be given a treat in return with her paw giving antics.

The Ege Eye


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