Zarife has captured the hearts of many a tourist here at Ladies Beach.  She is not a street dog and lives above Lale Pharmacy with her siblings on the seafront.  There are many photographs taken by tourists as these dogs are always watching the tourists walking past from their balcony.

However; Zarife is the only one who has worked out how to escape from the balcony and this little brown dog has something else in her mind.  She will follow whoever stops and pets her – and when I say follow, I mean follow – no matter how far her new found friends are going.  I have had two experiences of returning this little dog when she has been on one of her adventures and coincidently it has been two of my work colleagues who she followed on separate occasions, and in different areas of Kusadasi. 

One day my work colleague said that a little brown dog followed her flat mate home and they did not know what to do with it.  I instantly thought about Zarife and luckily enough I had a picture of her on my Facebook.  Sure enough, it was the little brown dog and my workmate’s friend took the dog back down to Ladies Beach.

On another occasion (several months later) another work colleague’s boyfriend arrived home with Zarife saying that she had followed him from town.  Again I showed my friend a photograph and indeed, it was the same little brown dog.

Having made friends with the dog’s owner, I rang them and they came and picked her up.  They have since attached a tracking device to her collar so that they can monitor her movements.    Zarife is very friendly and has a good life here on Ladies Beach.  If she is not out following someone, you will see her on the balcony above the pharmacy; and every evening she will be with her brothers and sisters having a long run and swim on the beach.

Source:  The Ege Eye

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