In these cold winter days, a hot and delicious Turkish soup will warm you up inside. “Tarhana,” or sourdough in Turkish, is a staple soup in Turkish culture. It is consumed either at breakfast or at dinner.

In Turkey, tarhana is generally used as the base for a homemade traditional soup, which is common throughout the Anatolian region. The process of making tarhana before consuming it as a dish is a laborious process. Tarhana is a fermented mixture of plain yogurt, flour, red pepper, onion and tomato, which are then left to ferment over a period of time.

In Turkey, the most common types of tarhana are dry and wet, with the former requiring a longer fermentation process of several days. To make the soup, simply mix the tarhana with boiling water, butter and spices and let it cook at low heat. For the less novice cook, dry tarhana powder is available in markets across Turkey. Tarhana has been used for centuries in Balkan and Middle Eastern countries and is a widely loved, regional dish. Tarhana is usually fermented in the summer months for use during the cold, winter months.

Despite its sour taste and salmon-pinkish color, tarhana is a healthy, versatile and economic staple for every kitchen. If you live in Istanbul, you can purchase tarhana at a local bazaar or simply make it at home. One of the best places to try tarhana soup in Turkey is at MADO chain restaurant-cafes. For the kitchen-savvy, visit your local grocery store to purchase dry or wet tarhana and enjoy some at home.


Source:  Daily Sabah

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