Double-nosed Pointers, also known as “Catalburun,” originated in the Tarsus district of Mersin and will soon be considered purebreds thanks to a 15-year scientific study.

The Catalburun is a breed of hunting dog that has an unusual split or “double” nose. It is believed that this unique nose is extraordinarily sensitive to smells, the primary reason they are often used in hunting.

Durmus Ozturk, 61, has been working to promote Catalburuns to purebred status for many years with the help of the veterinary branch of the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality.

Through selective pairing, Ozturk managed to breed a Catalburun with 85 percent pureness.

“At first the breeding resulted in dogs of different colors, but I continued to breed them. Finally, we are close to our goal,” said Ozturk.

Also speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), the head of the district’s veterinary branch, Mehmet Cucuk, said: “Analysis of the dogs was carried out by four vets. We are focusing on the puppies that have the strongest Catalburun characteristics. Currently, we have 11 juvenile and 71 full grown Catalburuns. Soon, Tarsus’ Catalburuns will be recognized as purebreds.”

Thanks to their sensitive noses, Catalburuns are useful for sniffing out smuggled drugs, as well as excellent tools for search and rescue teams.


Source:  Daily Sabah

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