Quoting the well-known phrase from the UK tax authorities, the same is now true of coughing up your dues to the local Turkish tax office.

The self-assessment form, an example of which you can see below, is an easy to fill out document informing the Vergi Dairesi (Tax Department) of your income for the last twelve months. Tax, as I am sure you are aware, can be a minefield but I intend in this instance to keep it fairly straightforward.

Basically, you are required to disclose all of your worldwide income to your tax jurisdiction of choice. For a lot of you that will still be the UK or Ireland. That means any income that you earn from such things as property rentals or investments needs to be declared in the place where you normally pay tax. However, you may want to consider not opening up a can of worms back at home and elect to contribute to the Turkish economy by settling the bill here. You will, of course, be entitled to


certain allowances so that small amounts of earnings are actually free of any taxation. Don’t worry about being billed twice as Turkey subscribes to the Double Taxation Treaty which simply means you won’t be liable for tax on the same income to more than one country.

I will finish this article by saying this. Everyone treats their obligation to pay tax differently and everyone’s individual finances are unique to them. If you think you might benefit from some independent and confidential information on your particular circumstances make an appointment with one of the volunteers at The Citizens Advice Centre. They have access to all the laws and the current tax rates and should be able to point you in the right direction. You can find their contact details below.

Citizens Advice Centre

Kahramanlar Caddesi
(The old dilek apart)

Kusadasi 09400

Tel: (009) 05318560546


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