This year, Ramadan starts on Thursday 23 April and ends on Saturday 23 May.

The month is a time for reflection, fasting and to be with family and friends. Fasting during Ramadan – which is one of the five pillars of Islam – takes place from sunrise to sunset. Suhur is a meal consumed early in the morning before the fajr prayer. Once Suhur has been eaten, individuals fast for the whole day and then break it with Iftar.

In a pre-coronavirus world, Muslims normally attend mosques for prayers each day during Ramadan. With social distancing measures in place, family time and prayers are taking place online.

You will find an article about the major changes that have been put in place for Ramadan further down our Facebook group.

Fasting times are based on sunrise and sunset, so mealtimes change from day to day as Ramadan progresses.

If you follow the link below it will show you the calendar of the fasting  times in Kusadasi for the month for Ramadan.

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