One of the foods we consume most in daily life is undoubtedly rice. There are many types of rice that can be used in pilaf, stuffing, stuffing, and even soup. However, the most preferred rice in Turkish cuisine is the type with the highest calories.

Glycemic rate is very important when choosing rice. When choosing whether rice is suitable for the nutritional list, its starch value is also taken into consideration, as is its calorie content.


OSMANCIK: It is generally the most preferred type of rice in Turkish cuisine. It is a type of rice that has plenty of starch and is 72 kcal.

BALDO: One of the most preferred types of rice in Turkish cuisine is baldo rice. The calories of baldo rice are 34 kcal.

JASMINE: One of the rice types that is not preferred very often. Jasmine rice, which has a unique aromatic taste, 48 kcal.

BASMATI: Basmati is the rice most recommended by dietitians. Basmati rice, which is 58 kcal, has very little starch.

WHOLE WOOD: Whole wheat rice is both healthy and delicious. Whole wheat rice, which is low in starch, 18 kcal.

BLACK: The rice that is not found very often and is the least used in Turkish cuisine is black rice. Black rice, which has 27 kcal, has a low starch content.

NOTE: Rice kcal calculations are based on one tablespoon.

Source: Aydin Post

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