It has been reported in the Associated Press Television News that an increasing number of pets are being abandoned and that approximately 100 dogs have been dumped in a forest in Istanbul.

Pressure groups have reported a 20 percent increase in the number of dogs fending for themselves since the start of the pandemic in the country in March.

Animal rights activist Tugay Abukan stated that there is a lack of information regarding the coronavirus and that some people think that animals “carry the (new) coronavirus and people are afraid. But there’s no such thing.”

Having said that there are also many Turks who have used social media to call on people to feed the street animals and the Interior Ministry has issued a circular letter which urges local authorities to feed the strays.

I have seen many articles of how Turkish and expats are out feeding the animals, all over Turkey. With the restaurants closed many of them are struggling for extra food.

In Kusadasi our own local authority are feeding the strays and our animal charities are working constantly in their efforts to ensure that the street dogs and cats are getting fed. They even get special permission during the curfew’s that allows them to leave their homes at this time.

In May’s edition of The Ege Eye you can read how Kusadasi animal charities are helping our furry friends.

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