E-commerce has become more popular over the last decade. However, it was during the covid-19 pandemic where we witnessed a huge increase in online sales.

Mainly this was due to government-imposed restrictions and consumer anxiety over the potential health risk associated with in-store shopping. When governments started to relax their restrictions, customers began to slowly return to in-store shopping, creating the possibility that the volume of online shopping would decrease once stores reopened.

This did not happen, making online shopping even more popular than before the pandemic because of their experience during the lockdown.

It must be said that “global efforts to contain the pandemic has changed the consumers’ daily habits, consumption patterns, and ways of thinking, resulting in a boost to the “home economy” and a further improvement in online shopping and services that were already gaining traction worldwide (Deloitte, 2020).

Other reasons for the success of online shopping are that customers are no longer restricted by fixed stores and physical locations.

They have access to a wide range of goods from all over the world via e-commerce websites. E-commerce offers clients convenience by enabling them to buy from the comfort of their own home, whereas traditional shopping frequently requires traveling great distances for certain things.

In comparison to traditional stores, e-commerce companies’ pricing structures give customers additional chances to save money. E-commerce allows buyers to frequently purchase goods at reduced costs, which traditional retail stores frequently do not.

Here in Turkey,Hakan Çevikoğlu, the president of the Association of E-Commerce Operators (ETİD), stated that the online sales volume is expected to reach a whopping 400 billion Turkish Liras this month. Partly due to discounts for a wide range of products, including consumer electronics, and clothing, throughout the month. These campaigns will take place will continue until the end of December.

He also stated that “the local e-commerce industry will reach around 1.3 trillion liras this year”.

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