Apart from all the paperwork needed to sell your property you also need a Habitation Certificate (HC) this verifies that the property has been built in accordance with regulations and the construction has been completed to meet building legislation.

If you don’t have a HC and you choose to sell your property without one, potential buyers will look for a sizeable discount because they will have to apply for the HC themselves.

Many Turkish buyers need a full or partial mortgage and Turkish banks will not usually give loans on properties without a HC.

Although not always properly enforced, it is an offence to use a property as a residence without a certificate having been issued.

Do you have a HC for your property? If you are unsure as to whether or not you have one for your property and you would like to get it checked, email a copy of your tapu to:-


We would normally be able to find out if you have a HC in about 2-3 working days. Don’t worry; if you haven’t got one, we can easily explain how you can get it. This is a free service provided to all readers of The Ege Eye.

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