The Trakya Vineyard Route Project, initiated with the support of the Trakya Development Agency, aims to boost eko and gastro tourism along with attracting more tourists.

A recent tourism project with the participation of 12 grape cultivation firms based in Trakya, or Thrace in English, aim to boost tourism and the number of vineyard visitors to the region. “We are carrying out a vineyard path project by integrating Trakya’s historical sites,” said Orhan Çebi, chairman of Trakya Tourism Organizations Association. “Our aim is to draw more tourists to our region.” The Trakya Vineyard Route consists of 12 different grape production companies which together will give visitors a taste of the region’s cultural values. The vineyard route includes Tekirdağ, the district of Şarköy, Kırklareli and Gallipoli.

Çebi said the project has been in progress since last year and was submitted to the Trakya European-Turkish Business Centers Network (ABİGEM) and the Trakya Development Agency. The recently approved project will contribute to the vineyard culture in Trakya. “As tourism organizations, we expect to make a profit and draw more tourists to our region,” said Çebi. “The project aims to reflect Trakya’s culture from all aspects. There will be visitors who want to walk along the vineyard paths. Currently, we have tours for visitors especially in autumn. We will ask tour operators in Istanbul to include the vineyard paths to their travel programs.”
Within the scope of this project, the Trakya Vineyard Route exhibition opened for 10 days and drew almost 1,000 visitors. Highlighting the fact that accommodation in nature allows visitors to experience the countryside, taste local foods, and learn historical and cultural values, Çebi continued: “Trakya is an important place with respect to its geographical location, natural beauty, historical vineyard paths, access to transportation and its proximity to Balkan countries. The project will fulfill the needs of local and foreign visitors. It is expected to become a new tourism destination.”




Source Daily Sabah

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