Almost three million British  are expected to visit Turkey in 2018, British Ambassador to Turkey Dominick Chilcott said on May 7. 

Visiting Antalya Governor Münir Karaloğlu in his office in Antalya, Chilcott said tourists from the United Kingdom would reach record numbers this year.

“There is a rapid comeback. So, we are really excited about that. We expect three million tourists to come to Turkey,” state-run Anadolu Agency quoted Chilcott as saying.

He said the main reason for U.K. tourists to visit Antalya was not only its nature or attractiveness as a tourist destination, but also it being a safe city.

Chilcott said he himself would do his best to increase the number of British visitors to Turkey and the quality of their holidays in Antalya.

Karaloğlu emphasized that Antalya was a major tourist destination and their priority was always providing security for tourists.

“The comeback of tourists to Turkey is pleasing for us. British tourists would mostly choose Aegean coasts; however, in recent years, they have also been preferring Antalya coasts,” Karaloğlu said.




Source: Hurriyet

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