Most of the people think that overeating is the main cause of bloating, but the truth is the size really doesn’t matter as much as what you eat does.

You just need to learn the reasons behind this problem and implement the right methods to have a flat belly.

Did you ever want a flat belly? Or have you ever thought that your size fluctuates up and down every day, from a flat belly in the morning to a bloated one in the evening? Well, you are certainly not alone. You may either have excess fat in your belly or you might become bloated throughout the day due to numerous reasons. To understand your own situation, you need to answer two simple questions: Do you still fit into your morning clothes in the evening? And, do you have trouble fitting into these clothes in the morning every day? Well, if you cant wear them in the morning and they are supposed to fit, than you have gained weight. But on the other hand, if you can wear them in the morning but not in the evening, then you became bloated at some point in the day. If you are bloated, don’t be frustrated since it is a common and unsurprising condition. Almost everyone becomes bloated due to many reasons, but the factor at the top of the list stems from your dietary habits.
Bloating comes from excess gas accumulation in your abdomen, particularly your gut. The biggest accumulation is in your large intestines, also called the colon. Unfortunately, women suffer from this condition more then men due to their colon length and anatomy. Women’s colons are about 10 centimeters longer than men’s and they are more angular as opposed to straight like men’s. Gas becomes trapped in the colon during the day especially because of its angular structure, and it causes your belly to bulge that may really limit your ability to wear the same clothes you wore in the morning that fit perfectly. It is documented that your waist size can increase so much that you may even become 2 sizes bigger than compared to your size right after you woke up. The gas formation starts in your stomach and travels through your intestines where intestinal bacteria produce gas by ingesting the leftover foods in your intestines from the day before. Most of you may think that overeating is the main cause of bloating, but the truth is the size really doesn’t matter as much as what you eat does. I will explain the root causes so that you can track your bloating problem. The following tips might help you win the battle with bloating and have a flat belly throughout the day.

Sodium: Sodium, commonly called salt, is known for its ability to retain fluid in our bodies, and it is a common cause of bloating. Although many scientific reports advise not to consume more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium every day, Westernized diets with processed foods literally force you to consume more than 3,400 milligrams per day. Yes, salt is a taste-enhancing ingredient, but have you tried to swap it with other taste giving options such as various spices? You may think that it is not the same, but you are wrong. Some spice mixes provide such great flavor that you may not even reach for the saltshaker. Instead of eating high-sodium food items such as potato chips, processed foods and frozen ready-to-serve meals, choose to stay with fresh fruit and vegetables. Avoid eating these or using salt at home and swap it with a spice or herbal mix you like the most.

Starch: Starches are plentiful in all of your carbohydrate-rich meals. Our stomachs have a difficult time digesting starch. Heavy ones include bread, potatoes, macaroni and corn. Both heavy and simple starches cause water retention, which leads to bloating. If an undigested carbohydrate takes more time to travel in your gut, your intestinal bacteria will have more time to digest them and produce gas. Try to increase you fiber intake so that food travels throughout your intestines in a timely manner.

Artificial Sweeteners: They are the main sweetening ingredient in reduced-calorie foods, diet sodas or processed foods and widely use compounds such as aspartame, sucralose and saccharin. They are so sweet that some of them are almost 300 times sweeter than regular sugar. They have been extensively studied and research has shown that artificial sweeteners do cause an increase in appetite and binge eating. These sweeteners also become a target for your gut bacteria and every dose increases the amount of gas in your intestines. Carbonated drinks are also a problem because they cause air bubbles to accumulate in your abdomen, which can also cause bloating.

Powerful cures: Water and probiotics: Whenever you think you are bloated, the first thing to do is flush your intestines by drinking water. You should aim for an average of 2 liters every day. In order to help your body rid itself of digestive waste. Probiotics, mainly yogurt, is also like medicine for bloating. If you are bloated, dieting or trying to improve your intestinal system’s health, you should consume yogurt every day. Probiotics help to stabilize and reset your intestines and help you to become healthier.

Dandelion tea: This is a mild diuretic herb. You can make its tea simply by brewing it in hot water. It will help your body rid the water that is trapped in your digestive track, stimulates bile flow into your intestine and aids in digestion of fatty foods, which may have also caused bloating as well. Try drinking a cup each day.

Fennel seeds: These seeds are helpful and tasty. Keep some in your pocket or bag during the day, chew some regularly and feel the gas escape your body.

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