Humans in general are social creatures and the isolation many of us are finding ourselves in is alien and new making it difficult to adjust and can have a major impact on our mental health.

It is to be expected that our stress and anxiety levels will be affected when dealing with a health scare of global proportions that we are experiencing at present.

Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations; however, there are a few things we can do to tend to our physical and emotional needs.

Regular exercise can help support your immune system and promote good cardiovascular health. You will find some good videos on YouTube that can be done from home.

With the internet and social media we can keep in touch with friends and family, though I feel really sorry for people who do not have this privilege.

Do activities that you enjoy. For example, read a good book, start an art or craft project or listen to music that you enjoy. You will find that these activities are calming and will take your mind off your isolation for a while.

There are many audio books to listen to via YouTube and you can download free e-books from

A new Facebook group WORLD ISOLATION TIPS – WIT! Has a lot of handy tips and humor which will be of great assistance for those of us who are feeling the stress.

If you’re working from home, create a dedicated space for work and break up tasks into bite-sized pieces

Most importantly, ask for help and accept help when it is offered. Ask someone to pick up groceries or medications for you.

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