Girlevik Waterfall, where 40 meters of icy water from the foothills of the Munzur Mountains spills over, has been frequented by many local and foreign visitors overwhelmed by the heat in Erzincan, where the air temperature often hits 38 degrees Celsius.

Girlevik Waterfall, located 35 kilometers from the city’s center, is fed by nine natural springs on the borders of Kalecik village in the foothills of the Munzur Mountains. The waterfall attracts visitors in all seasons. With temperatures hovering above normal, people overwhelmed by summer heat flee the city’s center, where thermometers point to 38 degrees Celsius, to cool off in Girlevik Waterfall and enjoy the Eksisu picnic area.

Ersin Ugurlu, one of the picnic goers in the area, said he came to Girlevik Waterfall to get cool with his family. “It is cool and has perfect nature. I want everyone to come and see this place. The temperature has been abnormally high for about a week. You feel this the most in Istanbul because of the humidity. Now, it is incredibly nice to be under the cool waters of the falls,” he told.

Omer Yetkin, who came to the city from Bursa, said he came to the Eksisu picnic area to get cool after the sweltering hot weather of the city. Emphasizing that Eksisu has pristine nature, Yetkin said: “It is all green. Water flows and it has cool air away from the sweltering air of the city. I would recommend this place to everyone, especially in this hot weather.”

Source:  Daily Sabah

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