The State Meteorology Directorate has announced that Turkey will be affected by a cold front moving in from the Balkans and issued a warning for snowfall across the entire country.

According to forecasts, snow and cold winds will maintain a tight grip on the country from Tuesday onwards, with temperatures decreasing by eight to 10 degrees Celsius across Turkey.

The İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality has also issued a warning to residents about the cold weather and snow that have been predicted for the city. The municipality’s Disaster Coordination Center (AKOM) is on high alert

to prevent any adverse conditions on the roads.


The cold weather is expected to linger until Thursday, while temperatures will fall to as low as minus two degrees Celsius and snowfall will be seen. The municipality warned that sleet and snow would decrease visibility on the roads and lead to traffic problems, with up to 20 centimeters of snow set to fall in İstanbul. A warning was issued about carbon monoxide poisoning, which is frequently seen during winter months due to the increased use of coal burning stoves.

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