Absolutely, you should add tourist spots located in Turkey’s Black Sea region to your bucket list to taste its delicious foods.

We offer you some suggestions over local flavors if you visit the tourist destinations in touch with nature. Muhlama [made of corn, butter, and cheese] must be your first choice at breakfast time during your Black Sea vacation.

Another top popular Black Sea food is Akcaabat meatball. Not only Turkish people, also foreign visitors get filled with admiration of these unique flavours when tasting them.

You can never taste Siron dish in anywhere than Turkey’s Black Sea region… It’s tough to describe this well-loved dish — not only because of the unique flavors and textures it features, but also because it goes by many names: ziron, silor, sireron, sirin. Some compare it to manti, which in turn is compared to ravioli, but in actuality tastes more like dumplings. Topped with yogurt and browned butter with red pepper, it’s safe to say siron is ridiculously delicious.

Anchovy [called in Turkish ‘hamsi tava’] is one of the must-tast meal during your Black Sea tour in Turkey.

If you want to find an unique flavour during your holiday in Black Sea region, you must taste world-famous Karadeniz pide. The Turkish pizza comes topped with a hefty slab of butter and a barely-cooked egg, which together make for a rich dipping sauce, when you order at restaurant.

Baked beans [called in Turkish ‘guvecte kurufasulye’] is one of the most delicious dishes from worldwide-known Turkish cuisine. You must try that popular food during your vacation. Unlike its soupy Anatolian cousin composed simply of white beans in tomato broth, the Black Sea version of “dried bean casserole” adds beef and plenty of butter to the pot.

Do not return from your holiday without tasting stuffed black cabbage rolls in Turkey Black Sea region.

Bread is a dining table staple all over Turkey, but only in the Black Sea region does that mean dense chunks of crumbly cornbread. The slabs of starchy goodness pair perfectly with the local butter, famous around Turkey for its high quality and rich taste.

Maybe you’ve tried the stuffed grape leaves called yaprak sarma elsewhere in Turkey, but you may be surprised to learn that in the Black Sea region, kale is also used to roll up fragrant spiced fillings. It’s no health-inspired trend like it is in the US; chefs in the area have been cooking with karalahanasince way, way before kale was cool.

Laz boregi may leave a marvelous taste in your mouth after eating. Similar to baklava, laz boregi is built from hundreds of layers of flaky filo dough drenched in sweet syrup.

Source:  Hurriyet Daily News

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