Turkey offers loads of lovely, unique and exhilarating cycling locations that most levels of mountain bike riders can enjoy. Your biking experience will begin and end in the wonderfully authentic village of Urgup, and takes you on a jaw-dropping biking adventure as you bike through an enormous kingdom of soaring fairy-tale chimneys, deep sandstone valleys and rock-hewn dwellings. You will have the chance to cycle the different parts of the Cappadocia region, and stay in one of the comfortable hotels.

You will have the opportunity to embrace the moment as you flavor the local cuisine of Turkey. Amongst the must-see highlights are biking to the underground city of Derinkuyu, cycling the stunning Ilhara Valley, the Orchisar Rock Village and a cycling trip to the carved frescoes of Goreme. Indeed, Turkey is a biking glory, excellent for relative beginners to cycling and a cool destination for the more skilled bike riders.

Cycling further on inland, turkey launches challenging climbs into pine forests which initiate traditional Turkish villages and incredible views over the Greek islands of the Aegean. Splendid off road throws lead you back to Ortakent. A Biking holiday in turkey is a great way to explore the surrounding countryside at your own speed with a friend or with a top quality mountain bike guides.

Ride on your bike and you will be on your way to a memorable cycling and mountain biking holiday. Turkey has everything from an introductory cycling for the trembling beginners amongst you to the sophisticated hard-core mountain bikers. You will be supported by a superb coastal route selected especially for its magnificent panoramic views and beache. Unfussy roads take you through small towns and near a number of amazing Roman, Greek, and Lycian ruins. At the end of your long biking day, relaxed lodging and affectionate Turkish hospitality awaits you in one of the finest hotels in Turkey.

On foot, why not take time to hike among the ancient cities and temples and learn about the interesting history while you snap a quick shot of the inspirational scenery. From the alluring boulevard of Ephesus and the amphitheater of Milletos to the seaside ruins of Knidos, this biking tour will kindle your interest in the ancient people who lived here and formed the past.

Besides swimming, you can spend a morning in sea kayaks and discover the wondrous nature. Explore the ruins of a sunken city that lies below the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean.

Come and don’t deprive yourself to endure this extraordinary Multi-Sport Tour in Turkey. Sea kayaking, swimming, hiking and biking are just few of those adventure vacations you will remember for life!

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