A tourism boss and grandfather died from a fatal blood clot just days after twisting his ankle while on holiday in Turkey.

David Hunter – a founding director of the Northumberland Tourism Organisation – collapsed last Sunday at his home in Amble after injuring his ankle at the holiday resort of Icmeler.

Mr Hunter was rushed to hospital where specialists carried out scans before discovering a blood clot on his lung. Despite receiving emergency treatment, Mr Hunter suffered a heart attack on Monday morning and died in hospital the next day.

‘He had sprained his ankle in Turkey the week before when he just missed the last step and twisted over,’ said his wife Sue Hunter, 59.

‘We bandaged it up the next day and he went to hospital when he got back but we didn’t think it was anything serious. You just wouldn’t believe it.’

‘It’s such a shock – this time last week he was still here,

‘ added Mrs Hunter, who is being comforted by the couple’s two children, Rebecca, 30, and James, 24.


‘He was so fit and so active. Last Sunday, we got up as normal and I heard a bang on the bathroom floor and he had collapsed.’

She said when he wouldn’t respond, she feared the worst and called an ambulance.

‘At that time, we didn’t have a clue what was wrong,’ she said. ‘After a CT scan that’s when they found the clot on the lung.’

Holiday: Mr Hunter twisted his ankle while away at the holiday resort of Icmeler, pictured, in Turkey

Mr Hunter was a local hotelier who helped set up the Northumberland Tourism Organisation.

The couple spent decades travelling around the country managing hotels before returning to the North East, where Mr Hunter helped form the Northumberland Tourism organisation and develop the region’s tourism industry.

He spent his career working for some of the UK’s foremost hotels including the Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland and the Grand Hotel in Eastbourne.

Source Daily Mail.

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