While widely recognized as the “Pearl of Thrace,” Kiyikoy is an ideal year-round getaway for travellers who are looking for the pleasure and amusement of a popular tourist hub with a historic and small town feel.

Located on 10 kilometres of Black Sea coastline in Kirklareli’s Vize district, Kiyikoy has something to offer to tourists every season with its natural beauty and historic landmarks. Conveniently located, its growing popularity has a lot to do with its close proximity to Istanbul.

Year-round, the town hosts local and foreign tourists searching for fresh air, nature and historic sites.

It can be challenging finding the relaxation that the warm summer sun provides during the cooler months. But, Kiyikoy steps up to the plate as a quiet, restful getaway in the autumn and winter months.

Kirklareli’s director for culture and tourism, Necmi Asan, spoke to Anadolu Agency (AA) about the province’s unique combination of extraordinarily beautiful coastline, pristine nature and historic structures.

Highlighting that the adorable town offers many attractions, including caves, monasteries and an ancient theatre in addition to its natural wonders, Asan said Kiyikoy has really started to gain popularity in recent years.

Thrace and Kiyikoy have started to rank among the most popular spots for locals and foreign tourists spending time in Turkey.

“They are really mesmerized by the region,” he said.

Asan also mentioned the growing popularity of Kiyikoy’s historical structures and natural beauty.

“Offering an extraordinary combination of nature, history and sea, Kiyikoy is the pearl of the Black Sea and Thrace. It is now considered a real treasure by local and foreign tourists who want to get away from the rush of the city life, relax, wander and have a good time,” he said.

“This year, approximately 200,000 local and foreign tourists visited the town. We expect this number to increase next year,” he added.

Sirri Tayan, the head of the Protecting Nature and Cultural Values Association (DEKAT), compared Kiyikoy to a tiny haven, just waiting to be explored.

“The region, where you can find mesmerizing natural beauty, including forests and the sea, has now started to gain popularity as a touristic spot. Tourists now prefer Kiyikoy, the ‘Pearl of Thrace,’ to relax, enjoy their free time and forget about the stress of the city life,” Tayan said.

“While visiting, they have a chance to see the Hagia Nikola Monastery, which dates back to Justinian the Great’s time in the sixth century, and Byzantium castles,” he added. “After exploring the river with canoes and boats, visitors can sit back and enjoy the silence of the nature accompanied by a cozy evening chill.”

Source:  Daily Sabah

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