As well as offering a wide range of highly effective hypnotherapy treatments for issues such as smoking, weight loss and depression, The Didim Hypnotherapy Clinic is the only fully qualified and licensed practitioner of the Thrive Programme in Turkey.

‘Thrive’ is an innovative training programme which teaches people to overcome the many negative aspects of modern life by changing the way they think, and eliminating limiting belief systems.

Through the Thrive Programme the author, Rob Kelly, has identified links between our belief systems, our different styles of thinking, and the way we respond emotionally to events, and how these responses create many of the problems and symptoms that people need help with.

“What makes Thrive so powerful is the fact that it has been developed through significant clinical experience and underpinned by extensive independent research into many areas of the human psyche,” said Kate Ashley-Norman of the Didim Hypnotherapy Clinic. “Thrive is NOT hypnotherapy, nor is it therapy or counselling, nor is it any new-age spiritual healing. Quite the opposite – it is a facts-based approach which gives you an incredible insight into how and why you think and react to certain situations, and what you can do to improve your reactions once and for all.”


The real beauty of Thrive is that it is suitable for absolutely everyone, of any age, of any sex, of any religion, clinically ill or in rude health. It has proven success (see the official Thrive website for people with a wide range of problems, including:

Overcoming ME/post viral fatigue/chronic fatigue syndrome; dealing with the psychological effects of cancer (for both those suffering, and those caring); stopping smoking; weight and obesity issues, including anorexia, bulimia and body dysmorphia; relationship issues; alcoholism and alcohol abuse; anxiety and stress; emetophobia; insomnia; sexual problems; self esteem and confidence…. in fact, just about every googly that life throws at you (including bereavement), Thrive can give you the psychological strength to deal with them, and live life positively and to the full.

Ideally, the training takes place over a series of six sessions held weekly. However, if your time is limited to your stay here in Turkey, then we can arrange the sessions to suit. You will find the sessions challenging, informative, thought provoking, and pretty revelatory in terms of human nature and how it likes to think it is protecting itself. But by the end of the sixth session you will emerge a psychologically stronger, more confident, more positive, calmer and happier person, more than capable of not just surviving in a tough environment, but tangibly ‘thriving’.

So, if you are on anti-depressants and want to get off them… if you are fed up with the vicious weight loss-gain-loss cycle that holds you in its grip… if anxiety and panic attacks are becoming part of your daily routine… an initial free consultation with The Didim Hypnotherapy Clinic may prove that first chink of light to a promising and happy future.

Kate can be contacted anytime on 00 90 544 3298466 /

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