Minister of Culture and Tourism Ertuğrul Günay states that according to the nation’s current tourist figures, Turkey has now become Europe’s top fourth tourism country.

Speaking at an opening of a ‘honey house’ founded by the Marmaris Chamber of Commerce, Günay stated, “If we want to ensure we have a dignified, honorable and independent future, we need to continue working, producing and exhausting ourselves.” Günay went on to explain that the Turkish Union of Chambers and Exchange Commodities, will be mobilizing all chambers throughout Turkey to continue spearheading new projects geared towards increasing production.

Emphasizing that the way to express love for this nation is to serve it rather than just talk about it, Günay stated, ”With the number of tourists that have come to Turkey, we are now the fourth top tourism country in Europe. I want to thank God and thank all of our tourism friends and everyone who has exerted effort in the sector on behalf of our country.

Under these difficult conditions, they have made us the world’s sixth and Europe’s fourth top nation in tourism.”


Günay says that the way to remain standing in this globalizing world is by doing something well. The Minister of Culture went on to state, “We now need to take further ownership of our nature and present our brand to the world.

Muğla is a very important center in Turkey and the world for honey production. Hopefully, the steps we take today will result in a ‘Muğla honey’ product that will be in demand all over the world. Sometimes we present wonderful products that suffer due to the packaging. I have seen examples of this outside in the world. In our international relations, sometimes we give and receive presents. Sometimes I see a local product that has extremely special and appealing packaging, which makes me envious. We need to surpass our current packaging, and make our presentation even higher quality,” states Günay.


Minister Günay also mentioned that Turkey Tourism needs to move beyond its coastal towns. “We have wonderful coasts and we need to ensure we protect them, we also have wonderful green villages that we must also ensure retain their characteristics. We need to make sure that we do not destroy nature through greediness and we must conduct tourism based on an environmental understanding.
In addition to presenting our nature, we must also include other aspects in what we offer for tourism. This could include products such as crafts, rugs, carpets and even honey. Our women’s handicrafts and cooking are also something,” says Günay.

Source Sabah

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