In an attempt to draw in high-income tourists, the Ministry of Interior Affairs will now be giving out five-year visas for yacht owners and their families that want to visit Turkey.

In an effort to draw in foreign capital and wealthy tourists, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is now working on providing five-year residence permits to yacht-owners, their spouses and children. Up until now, nationals from Arab nations, Russia and East Block countries such as Ukraine were only given three-month residence permits. The memorandum released by the Ministry of the Interior last June increased tourism-based residence permits up to three months.

According to the ministry’s efforts to establish a new regulation, foreigners who have opened bank accounts in Turkey that contain three million dollars or more will become eligible to obtain a five-year residence permit. Once the legal aspects of the

project have been approved, the regulation will be put into effect in the 5683 numbered article concerning foreigners travelling and residing in Turkey.


Residence permits for touristic purposes will be provided by foreign representatives. Yacht-owners will have to provide their Transit Log, obtained by the Maritime Tourism Directorate and approved upon entry. No other documents regarding the yacht will be needed as according to regulations the Transit Log contains all declarations and processing necessary.


In addition; the yacht-owner is not personally required to apply for residence permission. Any staff from a ship agency, travel agency, Chamber of Shipping and maritime tourism facilities will be able to apply for the five-year residence permit on behalf of the yacht-owner or captain. Although the residence permits can be prepared without the owner’s presence they will need to physically pick up the permit when it has been issued.



Source Sabah.

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