According to recent research released by the global travel agency Thomas Cook, Turkey ranked as the top holiday destination of families with kids in 2013.

The research of the Britain-based company, conducted to advise families for their trips in the summer 2014, revealed that kids often choose where to go on a family holiday. As many as 50 percent of parents select their annual holiday location based solely on whether the kids would enjoy it. On the list of the top five summer 2013 family destinations, Turkey was followed by Spain, Greece, Tunisia and the Canary Islands.


The poll conducted by Thomas Cook showed that “One in three parents allows their children to choose the family holiday, with two in 10 going so far as letting their child have the final say on where they go every year, every time.” It also suggested that, “Fifty percent of the parents state quality time together to be most important aspect of a family holiday,” while 89 percent of the children said they prefer to spend most of their holiday with their families. Twenty-five percent also said they are willing to spend all of their time with their parents.

The main reason for Turkey moving to the head of families’ preference list is the availability of facilities for kids such as waterparks. The report said, “The hotels include unlimited access to waterparks onsite,” and added that there is something for everyone; even the youngest guests are well catered to with water jets, mini slides and shallow activity pools.

Turkey topping the list is not surprising as 60 percent of families surveyed said their dream holiday includes unlimited access to a waterpark. Also, 22 percent of families require the resort to have a waterpark while 60 percent prefer all-inclusive stays.

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