Among 50 countries, Turkey ranked second in the 2015 Blue Flag program, with 436 blue-flagged beaches, following Spain with 578 beaches, according to results announced by the International Blue Flag jury.

The “Blue Flag” is an exclusive eco-label awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) to beaches and marinas that meet certain criteria regarding water quality, environmental education and information, environmental management and safety.


In the Blue Flag program of 2014, Turkey ranked third with 397 blue-flagged beaches, while Spain and Greece took the first two places.

This year, 22 marinas gained blue flags, in addition to a number of beaches.

According to a written statement by the FEE, blue flags will wave in a total of 3,468 beaches and 697 marinas in 50 countries this year.

FEE President Rıza Tevfik Ekipmen said the label was an eco-label important for holiday goers and tour operators, adding, “These flags show that our beaches are biologically clean.”




Source Hurriyet


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