Turkey has made progress on plans to manufacture planes, a move which should strike a blow to the account deficit. Transportation Minister Yıldırım says, “We have presented to the cabinet a model for a 60-120 passenger capacity plane that will be able to fly continuously for nearly three hours.”

While the search continues for a pioneer to take on the task of manufacturing a domestic vehicle for Turkey, the country has made strides when it comes to the production of a domestic plane.During an interview on Tuesday, Minister of Transportation, Maritime and Communications Binali Yıldırım shared with Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) that the ministry made a presentation on producing a domestic plane to the Cabinet of Ministers and said, “It was decided that in principle it would be appropriate to initiate this type of project.”

The type of aircraft foreseen for the project would be a 60-120 passenger capacity plane that would be able to fly for three consecutive hours. The aim is for this plane, which would serve a blow to the current account deficit, to be able to fly to every domestic destination as well as to dozens of surrounding nations.


Yıldırım explained that over the past decade, Turkey has spent $18 billion on purchasing airplanes and parts. “In exchange, our exports abroad are at $3.5 billion. In other words, we have paid out $14.5 billion on airline vehicles and materials. In order to bring down the deficit, we absolutely need to be producing our own planes and satellites.”


Explaining that efforts have been ongoing for the past three years to develop a domestic aircraft project, Minister Yıldırım relayed the following: “Our Prime Minister wanted us to begin working on a domestic aircraft project without wasting any more time. It was decided at the Council of Ministers that in principle it would be appropriate to initiate this type of project. If Turkey is going to be one of the biggest economies in the world in 2023, then the country absolutely has to enter this sector. The reason being that this sector has a multiplier effect. When you produce planes, you are also activating a number of manufacturers. By making this investment, you are ensuring you gain in seven-fold. A country that produces airplanes and satellites will rise to the highest group.”



Source Sabah

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