Turkey has ranked as the world’s top country for the number of eye surgeries done annually according to a senior Health Ministry official, as over 40,000 operations are carried out yearly in Turkey, mainly on foreign patients amid rapidly rising demand.

The highest number of foreign patients came from Britain, Germany and Middle Eastern countries, according to sector representatives.  With the rise in investments in health tourism, Turkey has become one of the top destinations across the globe. Turkey has become quite popular in laser eye surgeries to cure myopic and hypereutrophic problems. As the use of advanced laser technologies has become common, the number of such operations has seen a dramatic hike.Some 25 percent of international patients prefer Turkey for eye operations.Turkey is followed by India, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, but the number of operations made in these four countries has been below the Turkey’s figure, according to sector representatives.

The most popular spots for foreign patients are Istanbul and the Mediterranean resort of Antalya. The remaining one-third prefers the capital Ankara, the Aegean city of Izmir and the north-western province of Bursa, which is especially popular among Arabic tourists.



Source: Hurriyet

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