The “Doblo U.S. Production Start and Export Ceremony,” organized in TOFAS’s Turkish Automobile Factory in Bursa and attended by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, announced one of the biggest successes of the Turkish automotive industry: The beginning of Doblo exports to America.

Davutoglu congratulated TOFAS, Koc Holding and Fiat Chrysler, and thanked all the workers who were involved in achieving such a success, saying, “If the deceased Vehbi Koc were here, he would be extremely pleased to see that his saying, ‘I’m in for my country,’ has come true. This is a day to be proud of. I am pleased to attend this ceremony to celebrate the start of exporting Doblo to America.”

It was noted at the ceremony that about 175,000 Doblos will be exported, which accounts for almost half the total car production in 2002. The total value of such a large quantity of exports will be around $3.2 billion, again accounting for almost all of the automobile exports in 2002. Davutoglu emphasized that such figures indicate how the Turkish economy and automobile sector has grown within recent years.

“This is an extremely important development in three ways: First, for production, the boom in the real economy and for production capacity; second, for our exports and third, for our export targets. Furthermore, the cars are to be exported to North America; the U.S. and Canada are also to be congratulated for supporting our mutual trade,” Davutoglu said.

The CEO of Koc Holding, Mustafa Koc, said that Koc Holding will continue to invest in the future of the Turkish automobile sector – a sector they strongly believe in. “Our investments, which started with the renovation of Doblo, will continue with three new passenger cars: A sedan, a station wagon and a hatchback, and will reach $1.4 billion besides other current investments.

“Our investments in the automobile sector since 2010 has reached TL 10 billion ($4.47 billlon),” Koc said, and added that the recently concluded TOFAS’s investment agreements are a sign of the faith we have in our country and its future.

With a $360 million investment, Doblos are included in the light commercial vehicle class and will be sold under the Ram brand in the U.S. Around 175,000 vehicles will be sent to the U.S. by 2021.

When Fiat Auto’s decided to produce one of its models outside of Turkey, Doblo production stepped in to replace them, and commenced production in September 2000. During this TOFAS project, which also holds all intellectual and industrial property rights, TOFAS’s Research and Development Department assumed a huge role and responsibility.

In the first year of production, around 100,000 vehicles were produced, which was a record on its own, and 90 percent of the vehicles produced were exported to 43 countries. In 2001, Doblos delivered to European countries made up 83 percent of TOFAS’s total exports and supported the Turkish economy, which was then experiencing tough times.

In addition to becoming the champion in exports and commercial vehicle of the year, Doblo also became one of the highest-selling models of TOFAS. To date, 1.4 million Doblo vehicles have been produced and 1 million have been exported to more than 80 countries.





Source Daily Sabah

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