Turkey’s biggest thermal city, which will feature medical, supplementary and traditional application centers, physical therapy and rehabilitation centers, shopping malls and congress halls where international and scientific meetings can be organized, will be built in Afyonkarahisar.

In the thermal city, which will be built on a 700,000-square-meter area, nearly 4,000 people will be served in a day.

Stating that traditional and supplementary applications will be performed along with medical ones at the thermal city, Health Sciences University Rector Professor Cevdet Erdol expressed that there will be centers where thermal pools and social facilities will take place. Erdol mentioned that methods such as treatment with mud, leeches and acupuncture will also be used there.

Explaining that the thermal places in question will be in a city concept instead of a center, Erdol continued, “Traditional and supplementary medical applications will be performed here besides treatment and rehabilitation services. Shopping centers and conference halls for national and international scientific meetings will be among the other services. Turkey will have carried out a project that can be an example for the world with these thermal cities. This place will contribute to the health tourism at home and abroad.”

Afyon Kocatepe University Rector professor Mustafa Solak also stressed that congresses and meetings about balneotherapy are organized at small centers in Turkey and these services are not at the level that they should be.

“This place will be the biggest thermal city in Turkey. In the city, 3,500-4,000 people will get high-quality balneotherapy, hydrotherapy, health care services, spa and wellness services, ergotherapy and elderly care services per day. The life quality and wellness of those who cannot adapt to social life will be increased as they will be enabled to join self-care and occupational activities here with curative methods. On the other hand, the local products of the region will be presented to the interest of the ones who stay in the thermal city and day trippers. Any kind of meeting will be hosted at the congress center. At the restaurants, which have the features of the region, the local cuisine and tastes will be found. While various rehabilitation and health services are presented at the thermal city, resting and thermal facilities will take place along with hobby and entertainment facilities and shopping services in the same place.”

Solak also highlighted that the thermal city will offer a business opportunity for thousands of people. Noting that local and foreign tourists and elders can stay in the thermal city, which will be constructed in Afyonkarahisar and Kahramankazan, as long as they want for 12 months, Solak added that visitors can blow off steam in the hobby gardens in the city within this period.

“The thermal cities will take their places as a new concept and a new living space in Turkey. Many tourists coming for health and thermal tourism will experience the thermal water in hygienic and healthy places there. They will be able to organize meetings or big organizations and also taste local cuisine,” the professor said.

Source:  Daily Sabah

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