The number of cell phones produced locally in Turkey increased by more than three times in 2014 compared with 2013 figures, Turkish Transport Minister Lutfi Elvan said Monday.

“In 2013, 347,000 cell phones were manufactured in Turkey. But last year, local production rose to 1.71 million, indicating an increase by 208 percent,” Elvan said.

Turkish officials see the production of high-tech goods like smartphones, computers and electronic optic systems within its borders as the main solution to reduce the current account deficit.

However, Elvan said that the current production was far from satisfying the Turkish market, where approximately 15 million smartphones were sold every year.

“I believe we should concentrate on efforts to manufacture devices on par with products of global companies to meet domestic demand and also export those goods,” he said.

In late December, Turkish Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci announced plans for a high-tech production program which envisaged a budget of $3.5 billion to boost local production of high-tech devices such as smartphones, computers and other electronic devices.





Source World Bulletin

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