Turkish Airlines (THY) released a statement Feb. 13 in response to the ongoing debate over company policies on serving alcohol during flights, citing foreign countries’ requests as the cause for the removal of alcohol on flights on eight different routes.

The company has been the target of ongoing criticism, with many passengers complaining about the decision.

Alcohol is served only to business class passengers on domestic flights, THY said, adding that 20 of the 36 routes did not have such class applications. Of the remaining 16 routes, only passengers on Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Bodrum and Dalaman flights are served alcohol due to “fewer business class passengers and lack of demand on other routes.”

THY confirmed the removal of alcohol from in-flight menus on flights to eight countries, and cited requests from the countries themselves as the cause behind the move.

THY made headlines recently when the company’s new uniform designs were leaked on social microblogging website Twitter, instantly causing great public backlash. Turkish designer Dilek Hanif defended the designs, which included lower hemlines and Ottoman-era-like hats, and told daily Hürriyet that the process was still ongoing.

THY representatives have responded to the Twitter reactions, saying the uniform designs have not been finalized yet.The debate prompted the company to release further photos, containing different designs and color alternatives.



Source Hürriyet

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