Lokum, known as Turkish Delight, is a unique and popular dessert, associated with Turkey.

In its production, sugar is used for sweetening, water for binding and starch as a texture-giving element.

Lokum is a sweet with many reported benefits, some doctors apparently even recommend kidney patients to eat it. Lokum without additional added sugar helps remove toxins from the body. It can also be burnt and turned into an energy source very easily. Turkish Delight has been used for a very long time in healing acne, pustules and scars, as well as strengthening and protecting teeth!?

A traditional Turkish Delight recipe consists of water, sugar, starch, citric acid and various optional seasonings, powdered sugar, dried nuts and fruits. Before, a combination of molasses and flour would be used instead of a sugar and starch mixture. Depending on the cooking cauldron’s size, the ingredients should be cooked for two hours and after that session, the mixture should rest for 20-24 hours. The next day it will be ready for serving after being diced and covered with powdered sugar.

The most important characteristic of lokum is its tenderness and flexibility. A well-made lokum should expand like a sponge when it is pressed and return to its original form without sticking to hands. Pectisation due to the starch provides transparency and shine, which are other significant features of lokum. On the other hand, baking techniques also differ from one type to another. For instance, a popular version with a high consistency, has a different cooking technique than a classic one.

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